Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Victoria is now 2lbs 8ozs, She is enjoying her tummy time more now that the scuba gear isn't pushing up on her nose. Tracey (her primary nurse) gave her a little taste of milk today with her binky and she loved it. We may try to start feeding her in a week or so, She was breathing a little heavy at times today, so we need to see how she does over the next few days. Her next eye exam is later this week and she will be getting her 2 month vaccines soon. Victoria is currently 8 weeks old ( 32 weeks gestational)


Christine and Ted said...

Great job on the nasal canula! Victoria is really on the move. Look forward to seeing you both soon.

LizP said...

aw, she is so cute!! Its so good to hear she is just doing better and better. Thats great that she wears a nasal cannula now, i bet she is loving it. Send her our love & kisses... xoxo