Monday, December 1, 2008

Nasal Cannula!

Victoria did really well on CPAP over the weekend so Doctors decided to try her on just a nasal cannula. She has been on the nasal cannula since Sunday morning about 11am. She is on about 23% - 25% oxygen. She definitely likes them better on her nose since they fit better than the scuba gear. She has had a few more episodes of apnea so they increased her caffeine to help her. As long as these episodes don't increase she can stay on the Nasal Cannual. She is now 1080 grams - 2lbs 6oz's.


Robert DiMatteo said...

We are so happy Victoria is doing well. She is beautiful and we can't wait to see her again.

hugs & kisses from
Uncle Rob & Tia Paula

fina said...

Hi guys. we are so happy to see how well little Victoria is doing. She looks just like her big brother. She is such a beautiful baby. We love and miss you all.

JamieandSusie said...

What a big girl! We are so glad to hear she is growing so much and doing so well on her oxygen levels!

Lots of hugs and kisses!!

Tia Karla said...

Wow, she is so beautiful. It is so wonderful to see her getting stronger and stronger every day. It is now time for the SUN to shine. God Bless all of you, keep you all safe and Happy...We Love you

Rosa said...

Victoria is beautiful. Can't wait to see her again. Before you know it, she will be home and Nathan can watch over her as the big brother that he is.