Monday, November 17, 2008

6 Weeks Old

Victoria did well overnight (better than Mommie) with her Primary Nurse Tracey. She stooled in the early morning and tested negative for blood in her stool. Phew, finally...... She then tested negative for all others today and was doing well. Mommie was able to kangaroo with Victoria for a few hours and Doctors weaned her settings on the ventalator, They will be running blood work tomorrow morning - Victoria weighs 1lb 15ozs... Doctors will continue to watch her closely and hopefully try to extabate later in the week. Please continue to keep Victoria in your prayers! Here she is in one of Mrs Vinagre's outfits.


Karl, Celine,Shae, Ryan said...

Hi Guys,
Just checking in. Love you all!
K, C, S , R

fina said...

you are right! Victoria is the best stylish baby! love you guys and give Victoria and Nathan a kiss from us.