Friday, November 21, 2008

2 Pounds!

Victoria is now 2 lbs! She had a very good day yesterday on NIPPV and doctors are weaning the settings today to see how she does. She has been in about 30% oxygen and will remain on 11 cc's of milk every two hours. Hopefully she will continue to put on some weight (although it isn't something she seems to like to do). She is scheduled for her first eye exam. Victoria is 31 weeks (gestational age today). She also loves her binky. Daddy was able to hold Victoria last night for a few hours and she did well with her new gear. Nate is very upset that he hasn't been able to see his baby sister and asks for her all day long. (He has a cough and can't go see her until he is 100% better).


LizP said...

Paula, Lou, Nathan & Victoria,

Carl & I are thinking of you always. Our prayers are with you! Victoria is so beautiful, she is a strong little girl & we look forward to seeing her very soon. I miss you all, and send lots of hugs and kisses!


JamieandSusie said...

What FANTASTIC news!!! It thrills us so much to hear about her phenominal milestone....


We are so proud of you~


Jamie, Susie & Bella