Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weekend Update

Victoria is in an open crib, she was maintaining her own body temperature and didn't need the heat from the isolete anymore. She is now 4lbs 2oz's and eating 40 cc's of milk every three hours.
Victoria had a hearing test this morning and passed with no problems.
Spoke with her doctors and she only has a few more things to do and she would be able to come home.

1. Pass her eye exam & not need surgery
2. Have no apnea or pulse drops
3. No more watery stools
4. No other surprises & continue to gain weight and GROW!


Rosa said...

She is beautiful, she will be home soon with her big brother.

Love, Rosa

fina said...

Our little Victoria is so beautiful! She is growing so much. we are so happy. Victoria will be coming home before you know it. Love and miss you all very much. God bless you.