Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone -

Victoria is now 89 days old (37 weeks gestational age) She weighs 4lbs (1800 grams) She is eating 37 cc's every three hours and is now up to 6 bottles daily. By end of week she may be taking all her feedings from a bottle. Victoria took a bath yesterday and loved the water. She is doing well with maintaining her body temperature and may graduate to an open crib in a few days. Here are a few pictures of her over the last few days -

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JamieandSusie said...

She looks so beautiful! We are so happy to hear that she is now 4 lbs and hope that she is close to being home with her Mommy, Daddy & big brother!!

What a fantastic start to 2009!!

Happy New Years :)